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22 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mobile App Development This 2023

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

November 25, 2022


It’s every brand’s dream to be front of mind of every customer. The question is: How do you achieve that in a sustainable and cost-efficient way? The answer is simple: Business owners should go where the customers are and create value with the use of accessible technology.

You may already have a website but data shows that 88% of consumers are now on mobile. On the other hand, only 12% consistently rely on websites. Given this finding, apps are vital to this mobile-centric economy, and so are to your growing business. 

So if you’re looking to attract more sales or gain a competitive edge over your competitors, investing in mobile app development would be well worth the money. Need a little more convincing? 

We’ve listed, not a few, but 22 reasons why you should invest in mobile app development this year. 

Your customers are on mobile 

I’m on mobile, you’re on mobile, my 90-year-old grandmother’s on mobile, and oh, so are 6 billion active smartphone users all over the world. This count is reported to be growing by hundreds of millions each year. Now, that’s a lot of customers for your business. 

With our lives tightly intertwined with our mobile devices, apps have become an indispensable platform where brands and customers can efficiently engage with each other. We now shop, bank and socialize through our favorite apps and generate big cash for these businesses with every use. 

The ability to go beyond borders

One of the advantages of having your app is having the ability to reach global markets.  When you start addressing the needs of customers beyond your community, you get to promote your brand more cost-effectively. There’s no need for costly traditional advertising efforts to launch. With the right digital marketing strategy, you’ll be able to target the right customers that will contribute to your platform’s massive growth.

Strengthen brand loyalty

Retaining customers is a primary mission of any business owner. Because loyalty keeps it running like a well-oiled machine. But with such a highly competitive market on the horizon, cutting through all the noise out there and keeping them engaged with your brand has become more challenging these days. Investing in a mobile app would allow you to play on its technological strengths to directly connect with customers. You can launch a unique combination of offers, incentives and a host of attractive features to strengthen customer relationships.



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Skyrocket your revenue in various ways

Mobile apps can expand your customer reach and generate more sales. But more than product sales, apps can also generate additional income for your business in various ways. This includes monthly app subscriptions, special in-app purchases, and mobile advertisements.

Improve accessibility 

If you currently have a website where you sell your products and services, apps are a great way to make your business more accessible to every smartphone-owning consumer. These consumers are always on the go and have little time to log into their browsers to open your website from there. Having a designated app where they can avail of your services is an effective way to increase sell-through rates.

Reduce marketing costs

Apps are direct marketing channels. Compared to traditional advertising, apps make use of push notifications, lightbox pop-ups, in-app ads and messages to promote offers directly. And instead of advertising general offers to a wide variety of audiences, having an app can target specific users and recommend offers that are relevant to them. 

Offer real value to customers

More than generating sales, you can use apps to add value to any customer experience. You can develop apps as a marketing tool where your team can share recipes, tips, and useful articles or create a massive social community out of it. 

It's a great tool for feedback

An app won’t leave your team guessing. You can get actionable insights through in-app surveys that can be easily integrated into your mobile customer journey. Likewise, apps are a great tool for data tracking mechanisms such as session recordings and touch heatmaps that can help you to further improve app experiences along the way. 

Lessen servicing costs

In a typical remote sales setting, a customer will call a sales associate to ask for a quote, and then proceed with manual payment and delivery. This process is not only dragging on both ends. It is also costly to the business if you are outsourcing third-party call center service or have an in-house customer sales team to handle these manual processes.

Mobile apps can reduce the load on your servicing costs and your teams by streamlining the customer sales journey. Customers can simply launch the app, find what they like, pay for it and have it shipped.

Level up the customer experience

Apps can also offer instant access to your customer service channels so users can get help almost instantly. More than centralized contact information, and in-app chats, you can integrate a built-in directory where customers can easily visit and shop from brick-and-mortar locations near them. 

Your brand can get stickier

Not all that are sticky are icky. In business, stickiness is crucial to a company’s growth and success. You can embed your brand in your customer’s pockets with a mobile app that caters to their specific needs. Consistent visibility and access on their home screens can develop stickiness that’s effective in strengthening brand affinity with endless engagement opportunities.

Get speedy 

Mobile apps have faster load times compared to websites. Likewise, some app features can also be developed to work without an internet connection making initial parts of service deliveries faster than usual. This gives users incomparable convenience and makes the overall customer journey a breeze.

Gain competitive advantage

Having a mobile app puts you ahead of the pack, especially if competitors in your niche don’t offer one yet. This can also be a unique selling point for your business making it a distinct offering that you can use to attract customers both from near and far.

Lots of room for personalization

Personalization is a powerful marketing tool. And mobile apps give you room to incorporate some personalized touches along the way. The app can address them using their registered username or ask them personalized questions based on their user activity. This makes the overall app experience warm and endearing. Personalization is known to boost trust and engagement which are vital to your app’s success. 


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Strengthen your brand reputation

Build credibility and authority across your niche with a mobile app that stands out from the rest. Customers are more receptive to brands that are at the forefront of technology as it conveys professionalism and reinforces feelings of confidence toward your business.

Increases brand visibility

An app helps reinforce your brand across all digital touchpoints. Even if they don’t use the app every day, your brand’s constant visibility on their home screens serves as a micro advertisement that will eventually build up and encourage usage. 


Take advantage of geolocation features to develop high-value mobile apps that continuously top the charts. Geolocation features help users find businesses, communicate feedback about a certain place, monitor their peer’s whereabouts, and on the flip side, marketers can deploy targeted incentive marketing campaigns to generate revenue. 

Streamline Internal Operations

Apps are not only for external customers. This can also be developed to enhance operations by streamlining internal processes within your organization. Mobile apps can be used to support employee relation initiatives, manage employee data and payroll, and for internal communications. You can develop employee portals where they can manage their tasks and schedules, apply for vacation, view their payslips, and get up to speed on the latest updates about your company.


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Offline Engagement

Have the ability to deliver basic content and functions to your users even without an internet connection. Compared to websites that rely on the internet, this unique capability sets mobile apps apart. It makes your digital product versatile, dependable and ever-reaching. 

Create Unique Mobile Experiences

Mobile apps can tap into a smartphone’s built-in features to deliver unique mobile experiences. You can use the phone’s camera to launch a very useful AR/AI-based feature or in-app game, or its GPS to launch a booking service for your business. Moreover, you can get creative with all the integrations your app and a smartphone can come up with to create a truly distinct mobile experience.

Opportunity to rebrand seamlessly 

If you’re looking to make some changes in your branding, a mobile app is a great tool to reintroduce your company to the market. By launching an entirely new digital product, you will have the freedom to revamp your logo, colors, assets and marketing messages as you see fit. This new development allows your brand to enter the competition looking fresh and ready to conquer the competition.

Lead the pack in mobile innovation in your niche

Mobile apps boast unmatched versatility. You can design it how you want it to be, integrate the latest tech innovation, cater to a wide variety of users and even push the boundaries in mobile app development.

Pushing boundaries starts with partnering with the right developers that can take your vision (no matter how crazy) into reality. Your company needs an app development partner that aligns with your vision and can take current innovations up a notch so your app can shine in this highly competitive market.

I'm all for it! What do I do next? 

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