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6 Practical Ways to Use Technology in Your Cannabis Business | Digital Awesome

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

January 24, 2023


As the cannabis industry continues to grow, technology is playing an increasingly important role in helping businesses succeed. From streamlining operations to improving marketing, customer service and security, there are a number of practical ways that cannabis businesses can use technology to their advantage.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can use tech-based solutions to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, increase security measures and more. 

Cannabis retailers face a number of unique challenges today. Such as navigating complex regulations to store security and keeping up with rapidly changing consumer trends. These challenges also include:


Developing a Positive Brand Presence

One of the major marketing challenges for cannabis retailers is creating a positive brand presence in an industry with relatively low public opinion. Many consumers remain wary of purchasing products from this space, and digital advertising channels such as Facebook do not allow cannabis brands or stores to advertise on their sites. As a result, retailers must look for more creative ways to reach potential customers and communicate their unique message.


New Players On The Horizon

Competition among cannabis retailers has become increasingly fierce as more states legalize marijuana use and new players enter the market. For operators to stay successful in this competitive environment, they must keep up with customer trends and develop strategies for cultivating loyalty while also attempting to differentiate themselves from others in their market. Everyone has a brick-and-mortar, and everyone has an online store over the web. Businesses should go beyond and explore other ways to get in front of their customers and lock them in. 


Lack of Established Market Data

There is also a lack of established information regarding customer preferences when it comes to cannabis retailing. Without understanding what drives customer satisfaction or identifies key demographic groups, retailers may struggle to create effective marketing campaigns that target their desired audience. Fortunately, technology provides a great opportunity for businesses to gain insights into consumer behavior through predictive analytics or artificial intelligence tools that enable them to better identify customer needs and anticipate demand more accurately than ever before.


Safety & Security

Operationally, security issues such as internal losses, theft and robberies pose detrimental effects on a retailer’s ability to operate safely and efficiently. With pot shop robberies at an all-time high, retailers bear the responsibility of setting up mechanisms to ensure that staff, customer and business security is upheld to the highest standards. 


Finding Reliable Vendors & Funding

With many states having their own rules and regulations, it can be difficult for retailers to find vendors who are up-to-date on compliance and can provide consistent quality products at reasonable prices. Another challenge related to this issue is that many companies have difficulty accessing capital due to the legal nature of the industry; without access to traditional funding sources, retailers must rely on alternative financing or private investors to get the resources they need. 

And this list goes on. By taking advantage of technology solutions, entrepreneurs may be better equipped than ever before to successfully navigate these hurdles in order to build long-term success within this highly regulated industry environment.


Six practical ways cannabis businesses can use technology to their advantage.


Harness The Power of Content & Influencer Marketing

Content Marketing and influencer marketing are powerful tools for cannabis retailers to build a positive brand image. Through creative content on networking apps or weed-friendly networks, retailers can share information about their products and services that is informative, inspiring and engaging to consumers. Content marketing also offers an opportunity to create unique stories and experiences that demonstrate the retailer’s commitment to providing quality cannabis products for its consumers.

Alternatively, working with influencers can help spread the word about a retailer’s offerings while building trust among potential customers. Influencer-created content can be used on social media platforms to reach large audiences, as well as featured on websites or in emails sent directly to current customers.

The key to success with content marketing and influencer marketing lies in creating consistent messaging that resonates with people who are interested in cannabis-related products. Retailing companies must strive to provide helpful content across multiple channels that reflect their mission and values, while also showcasing their ability to fulfil customer needs.

When done right, content marketing and influencer marketing campaigns for cannabis retailers can lead to an increase in sales, website traffic, followers on social media platforms, and improved overall brand recognition. Content should be posted regularly so that potential customers have access to the most up-to-date information about the company’s offerings at all times. Additionally, it’s important for retailers to choose influencers who are knowledgeable about the cannabis industry and have an engaged audience of followers so that their campaigns receive maximum reach.

Moreover, brands can also benefit from hosting digital events such as webinars or virtual tasting sessions where they invite experts from within their network of suppliers or customers to share insights into various aspects of product development or quality assurance measures taken by the company. By producing original video content featuring real people discussing how they use cannabis products, brands can further engage with viewers while deepening their affinity with customers who may not have considered them previously because of the cultural stigma associated with marijuana use. Not to mention, give B2B insights on reliable growers and suppliers budding entrepreneurs can partner with for their own ventures.  

By leveraging targeted content strategies such as content marketing or partnering with respected influencers within the industry, cannabis retailers can promote a positive brand image amongst consumers who may otherwise be hesitant about purchasing marijuana products from them due to lingering stigmas around its use. In doing so, retailers will not only bolster consumer confidence but also experience increased website traffic leading to more sales opportunities overall.


Reward Customers For Their Business Through an App

A custom mobile app with a built-in loyalty program for cannabis businesses is the perfect way to reward customers. Customers can easily accumulate points by scanning their phones upon each purchase or with every successful online purchase and redeem rewards such as discounted products, access to exclusive rewards, or even free items - all from the convenience of their mobile device. 

Custom-built apps can be programmed to be a money-making and referral machine with the capability to set custom milestones. Custom milestones are sets of achievable goals that app users can easily complete to unlock rewards. Think of it as a digital punch card that’s way more unique and rewarding for both the user and the business. Learn more about it in this blog. 

Having an easy-to-use loyalty program through a custom mobile app will not only reward customers for their continued business but also build strong customer relationships. 

Use Technology To Power Curbside Operations

Top dispensaries are now using mobile app technologies to increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience. Moreso, this technology can be used to develop a safe and efficient curbside system where dispensaries can streamline their pick-up services. 

Through an app, customers can place their orders with ease and track the status of their orders in real-time. They are also able to securely pay for their transactions without ever having to leave the comfort of their home or car. Dispensaries benefit from mobile app solutions as well; it allows for more organized order management, faster and easier customer checkouts, detailed analytics into customers’ preferences, and increased security through contactless payment systems and secure data storage. With the help of a mobile app delivering curbside services, dispensaries have been able to provide a seamless, convenient shopping experience while keeping themselves safe at any given time.


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Use Technology To Lead Cannabis Product Education Campaigns

Establishing an effective and comprehensive cannabis product education campaign can be made much simpler when technology is involved. Tools such as a mobile app, website, social media, QR, email, and video can all be used to spread awareness of the facts regarding cannabis and its various products, while also engaging users in a conversation about safety practices, responsible usage tips, budtender tips and more.

Technology helps to create an outward-reaching education resource that provides individuals with access to the most up-to-date information available for making informed decisions about the purchase, use, and benefits of cannabis products. By utilizing the conventional networking platforms already in place in today's world, businesses that produce cannabis products can make sure their audiences are both educated on current insights and fully aware of potential risks associated with it.


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Invest In Security Systems To Protect Your Business Premises & Product Stock

No matter what size business you own, having secure premises and product stock is essential. Investing in security systems such as cameras, alarm systems and access controls can help to give you peace of mind that your business will be protected from those who may want to cause harm or steal valuable assets. Surveillance cameras and motion sensors allow you to monitor activity on your premises 24/7, while access control systems ensure that only authorised personnel have access to restricted areas. The cost of investing in security systems can be offset by the increased safety it provides for both your staff and your property. It is a worthwhile investment in the future of your business.


RFID Tracking To Secure Your Inventory

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that can revolutionize inventory tracking for cannabis businesses. RFID utilizes small tags, also known as transponders, which are embedded with either a unique serial number or other information about the product. These transponders can be attached to items through various methods such as adhesives, hangtags, and even sewn onto fabric. When these tags come into contact with an RFID reader, they transmit their data back to the reader in order to identify and track the item in real time.

RFID provides major advantages in inventory management compared to traditional barcode scanning due to its ability to reduce human error, increase the accuracy of data collection, provide faster processing times, and operate without direct line-of-sight contact between the tag and reader. 

Cannabis businesses can explore this technology to more accurately keep track of their products in each step of their supply chain from acquisition all the way up to customer delivery. This not only allows for better oversight but also offers greater visibility into customer demand and sales trends.

Additionally, RFID tags have been created specifically for cannabis products that offer extra benefits such as tamper evidence seals that alert the business if someone attempts to open a package or reseal it improperly. Other features include authentication functions that make sure an item is genuine before being shipped out, temperature monitoring for optimal storage conditions, and automatic time/date stamping for when a product enters or leaves certain checkpoints along its journey from cultivation to consumer delivery.

Utilizing technology doesn’t stop at tracking inventory and powering curbside operations. There are endless opportunities for tech-savvy entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry! 

But if we caught your attention on how mobile apps can revolutionize the way you do business, we’d be more than happy to go for a chat and discuss how custom-built apps can power your marijuana business further.

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