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The Project

Digital Awesome has proudly partnered with ExclusiveBrands, a leading cannabis dispensary in Michigan, to develop a dynamic mobile application. This project involved creating a user-friendly platform that not only enhances shopping experiences but also effectively showcases ExclusiveBrands' diverse range of products and promotions.

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Company and

Project Overview

Exclusive Brands stands as a prominent figure in Michigan's cannabis industry, operating ten dispensaries across the state. Known for their expansive and vertically integrated brand portfolio, they offer a wide array of cannabis products that cater to a varied customer base. Our collaboration focused on encapsulating the essence of their brand in a mobile app that aligns with their stature in the cannabis space.

The challenge was to design an application that not only resonated with Exclusive Brands' identity but also provided an engaging and seamless shopping experience. We emphasized the integration of their in-house brands, ensuring they were prominently featured within the app.

Additionally, understanding their emphasis on regular promotions, we developed a dedicated section for users to easily access and benefit from ongoing deals at each store location. The incorporation of unique achievements within the app further promoted customer engagement with Exclusive Brands' products, enhancing brand loyalty and repeat purchases

The Result:

An Amazing App

The result is nothing short of spectacular. The ExclusiveBrands app has set a new standard in the mobile cannabis shopping experience. Its intuitive design, coupled with high functionality, provides a seamless and engaging user journey. The app's visually appealing interface, aligned with ExclusiveBrands' aesthetic, ensures a consistent brand experience. Moreover, the smooth integration of promotions and achievements has not only increased user engagement but also significantly boosted sales, reinforcing ExclusiveBrands' position as a leading dispensary in the country.

Key Takeaways

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Our app design ensures that Exclusive Brands' array of in-house products are prominently showcased. This strategic placement has not only improved product visibility but also elevated brand recognition, catering to both new and returning customers.

Streamlined Access to Promotions

The creation of a dedicated promotions section in the app has revolutionized the way customers access deals. This feature has simplified the shopping experience, allowing users to effortlessly browse and take advantage of various offers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales.

Engaging User Experience

The introduction of unique achievements within the app has created an engaging and interactive environment. This feature encourages repeat visits and purchases, fostering a loyal customer base and distinguishing ExclusiveBrands' app from its competitors.

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