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Our Results

Up to 79% More Sales

App users spend an average of $177.70 monthly from nearly 3 visits, compared to the industry average of $66 from 1.5 visits per customer

34% User Acquisition Rate

Dispensaries enjoy remarkable user acquisition rates.

Outperforming Dispensary Websites

Dispensaries that use the DispensaryMate cannabis mobile app are seeing a whopping 39% user retention rate. A big jump compared to the Ave. 3% retention rate for cannabis websites and 8% for other cannabis mobile apps.

App Users Refer 1+ Person

Our cannabis mobile app for retailers is so user-friendly and captivating that users typically share it with at least one or more peers.

Users Visit 7.2x Monthly

Shoppers visit the app on an average of 7.2x per month. They also achieve at least 2 achievements and redeem 1.4x more rewards.



The custom cannabis mobile app development service that keeps people shopping and dispensaries happy.

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Why a Cannabis Mobile App?

Competition is up by 369%.

With stores on every corner and the black market cutting into your profits, how do you set yourself apart? Regain your share with a dispensary mobile app that elevates your brand above the rest.

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8 of 10 customers prefer dispensary mobile apps vs other platforms

75% of dispensary customers prefer the convenience of shopping and managing their pick-up/deliveries on mobile apps, making in-app ordering the easier choice.

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Keeping customers loyal is 7x cheaper

Cannabis retailers save more by retaining customers than by constantly seeking new ones. Simplifying shopping, rewarding customers, and engaging with your brand boosts your sales to new heights.

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79% More Sales

Drive up sales with personalized AI upsells and intuitive app design paired with your marketing.

2x Faster to Launch

Get to market in as fast as 60 days.

90% Savings

Enjoy affordable start-ups and flexible pricing. Save at least 90% on your investment compared to traditional custom mobile app development.

Dispensary Mobile App Benefits

Custom App Design

Customize your mobile app beyond logos and color schemes. We'll tailor your mobile app with brand-centric visuals & experiences creating a standout app that users love.

Push Notification

Simplify your marketing with push notifications. Update shoppers on daily drops, deals and reminders directly, making your dispensary's communication more efficient.

Gamified Shop Experiences

Turn customers into ambassadors with action-based awards and incentives. Make dispensary shopping for your customers more rewarding.

Unlimited Marketing Opportunities

Promote specials, deploy cart recovery, and more. Engage customers through free push notifications or in-app chats to achieve high conversion rates.

High Brand Engagement

Great cannabis shopping experiences, in-app cannabis content and enhanced loyalty programs keep customers coming back for more.

Data & Analytics Ownership

Have full control over your mobile app data and analytics, allowing you to grow at your own pace. With our help, we can help transform that data into revenue by crafting the best app strategy for your dispensary.

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What our clients say about us

Keegan McClun
Keegan McClun
Marketing Director

Working with Digital Awesome has been an incredible experience. They actively engaged with us, understood our app requirements, and delivered outstanding results that exceeded our expectations.

Jonathan Beck
Jonathan Beck

They are a trustworthy team that's painless to work with. It feels more like a partnership than an outside contractor.

Josh Phegan
Josh Phegan

We have been able to reimagine our business model to meet consumer demand. We’ve streamlined our business processes to work with more customers more often, and we’ve increased the volume of transactions we process.

Chris Badgett
Chris Badgett
Founder and CEO

Digital Awesome built the MVP of our web app. The app was high quality and exceeded our expectations. They did it fast, advised us along the way, and improved it with us after the initial release. You would be lucky to get this team as your technology partner.

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