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5 Marketing Benefits of Your New Dispensary Mobile App

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

July 03, 2023


Did you know that besides boosting your sales, a mobile app for your cannabis dispensary can do so much more? Here’s how your new dispensary mobile app can help your brand keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

Content On-Demand

Have all the great content from your website blog in the palm of your customers' hands via your dispensary mobile app. They can stay updated on the latest news, trends, and exciting happenings in the cannabis industry anytime, anywhere.

You can even promote these new content releases through push notifications to drive attention and engagement. Plus track how well your content is doing with an awesome analytics tool on the backend. 

Blog on dispensary app

Digital Awesome seamlessly syncs your latest blog content and your content management platforms to your app. So no more juggling uploads across different platforms. Don’t limit your content marketing to social media and your website. Get it on your mobile app and make it super easy for your customers to engage (and increase your viewership). 

Not only will you keep your regulars informed, but you'll also help educate new shoppers about cannabis use and industry trends - easily & fuss-free.


New USP: Shop Cannabis By Mood

Instead of just browsing aimlessly, what if your customers could shop based on their vibe? Yup, we're talking about tapping into the power of emotional shopping through mood shopping.

Mood Shopping on dispensary mobile app

Help your customers find that perfect vibe they've been craving. This isn't just shopping, it's a mood, a goal, a satisfying shopping experience. Integrate mood shopping into your marketing strategy by guiding them to your app where they can just click on their current mood and voila! 

Your app showcases products that match their vibe, offering them the cannabis experience they've been daydreaming about. The result? Happy, satisfied customers that have your brand on “speed dial” in every mood or occasion.


Promote Your Brand Holidays with Ease

Elevate your brand holidays with the simplest of tools - in-app banners and custom categories. They're your secret sauce to effortlessly hype up and toast your store campaigns. Got a 'Pre-roll Thursday' or 'Stash Up Friday' on the horizon? Make it a cinch for your customers to dive into your latest deals right from the app.

Cannabis HolidayWant to switch things up the next week? Have the freedom to update categories whenever the mood strikes. And here's the kicker: you can keep your customers in the loop with spot-on push notifications. Set them to roll out automatically or hand-push them when the timing feels right. 


Cross Advertise Other Store Locations

If you’ve got multiple store locations and some are buzzing while others need a bit of a boost, a dispensary app's multi-store locator feature can be of help. This feature allows you to shine a spotlight on those under-the-radar locations that your customers and their friends might not know about yet.

Sales (4).jpg

Additionally, users looking for specific items can look them up by location so they can save themselves some time. It's all about giving those quieter spots a friendly nudge and opening up new possibilities for your customers.


Customer Analytics For Marketing

You're a dispensary, and you've got the power to peek into user interactions, fine-tune the customer journey, delve into user segment analysis, keep tabs on retention rates, and even measure how well those push notifications are doing. This is made possible by Digital Awesome’s nifty analytics capabilities.


Learn how to interpret these data with the guidance of industry experts, earning you the capacity to look beyond numbers and make informed decisions that can rev up your app's performance and take your customer’s online shopping experience from good to mind-blowingly awesome. 



A mobile app for your cannabis dispensary offers numerous marketing benefits that can enhance your reach and customer engagement. By leveraging on-demand content, you can keep your customers informed about the latest news and trends in the cannabis industry, all through the convenience of their mobile devices.

 The concept of mood shopping takes it a step further, allowing customers to find products that match their current vibe, creating a personalized and satisfying shopping experience. In-app banners and custom categories make it easy to promote brand holidays and campaigns, keeping your customers excited and engaged. 

Cross-advertising and multi-store locator features help boost foot traffic to all your dispensary locations, ensuring that no store goes unnoticed. Finally, the power of data analytics allows you to gain valuable insights into user interactions, customer journeys, and retention rates, enabling you to make informed decisions that optimize your app's performance.

Ready to revolutionize your dispensary marketing strategy with a mobile app? How will you leverage these five benefits to enhance customer engagement and increase sales?



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