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Gear Up For 420 Season

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

March 06, 2023


One of the most exciting events of the year is just around the corner — the 420 season. Cannabis brands across the globe are gearing up with special campaigns and promotions to help celebrate this highly beloved holiday.

Whether you’re a budtender, dispensary owner, cannabis cultivator, or edibles producer, here are some things to do to make sure your brand is 420-ready.


Review your inventory and stock up on popular items that customers will be looking for.

  • Review your sales data from the past 420 seasons to see which items were the most popular among customers. If you’re a new kid on the block, pull up your sales records from the launch and see what’s hot and what’s not in terms of product offers.
  • Be on the lookout for cannabis trends by following industry news outlets and social media influencers to see what new products or strains are becoming popular these days.
  • Make sure to stock up on packaging supplies such as bags, containers, and labels so that you’re prepared to package products when customers make a purchase.
  • Aside from product preps, have a plan in place for how you will handle increased traffic in your dispensary during the 420 season. This may include hiring additional staff or extending operating hours.


Connect with canna-lifestyle influencers to cross-promote your brands, products or events on social networks.

See how you can partner with Herb’s highly-recommended lifestyle influencers to make your brand the talk of the town. 


Alice & Clark (@thathighcouple) - 86K Followers



Syd (@_shadesofsyd) - 37K Followers

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Travis Petersen (@the_nomadcook) - 19K Followers




Create targeted campaigns that focus on specific demographic groups or regions.

Target By Location. If you operate multiple dispensary branches, identify location-based trends and offer promos or incentives around them. For example, if there is a certain strain that’s on demand in one location, but not the other, launch different promos for each store to cater to that location-based demand. 

Alternatively, if your dispensary has a mobile app of its own, you can harness the power of geofencing. Geofencing is focused on the virtual perimeter around a specific geographic location to deliver targeted messaging. 

Burger King launched one of the most successful geofencing campaigns in history. Called “The Whopper Detour”, Burger King stole McDonald’s customers by sending mobile app alerts to any user who moved inside a 600-foot geofence of a McDonald’s branch. Once inside the geofenced area, the Burger King mobile app offered them an irresistible deal: 1 Whopper for 1 cent from the nearest Burger King. 

The mobile app not only strategically targeted these customers, they even taught them how to get to the nearest Burger King branch. 


Target by Purchase History. Retarget customers by leveraging purchase history data. If you have a dispensary mobile app, you can send custom push notifications to customers based on their transaction history. This is good to encourage repeat sales and cultivate brand loyalty. 




Utilize creative tactics and strategies to increase customer loyalty such as offering irresistible discounts during this time period.

Use the power of scarcity, exclusivity and immediacy to pique interests and close those sales. By using time-sensitive selling techniques in your marketing, you can encourage prompt conversion from your market. Learn more about this selling technique in our blog.


Gear Up on 420 Memorabilia

Get creative with packaging by adding personal touches like car stickers, postcards, pins or other surprises that customers can use as memorabilia from 420 season celebrations. Buy pre-made or custom 420 stickers in bulk through Esty.You can also design your own through Canva and print them on waterproof stickers. 

Alternatively, you can launch limited edition shirts, mugs and other merchandise as an additional stream of income.

1.jpgPhoto by CalloCreativeCo on Etsy



Sponsor 420-friendly events or host your own to increase exposure for the brand and create an experience that people can associate with it.

If you’re in the United States, you can check out 420 events on Eventbrite. Search them up individually and seek any advertising or sponsorship opportunities available. Events typically advertise their events a few months in advance –and this includes their event sponsors. At the event itself, you can also explore pop-up booth options to sell.



Launch a curated subscription box product

Launching a subscription box can be a cool way to launch new products and build a loyal following this 420 season. Take inspiration from High Hello

Weed enthusiasts can sign-up for their monthly subscriptions for $100 a month. Members get a combination of different products from flower, prerolls, edibles, vapes, concentrates and goodies such as infused snacks. This subscription style is perfect for you if you carry a bunch of brands in-store – this way you can mix things up. 

If you are carrying your own branded products, the subscription model can work for you too! Simply reach out to your most loyal customers and ask if they want to automate their monthly stash purchase by paying a certain monthly fee. 



Create your own storefront on the Metaverse

Everyone’s on Metaverse – even Snoopdog. It would be really dope to open a virtual storefront and have people on Metaverse visit it, and lead them to your website or app to order in real life. 

3.jpgPhoto by Higher Life on Herb

This has been done by Higher Life CBD and it’s really cool! Having your own storefront on Meta may not heed a lot of customers just yet but it’s such a unique angle to share with your customers + position your brand for the future. 

We hope these 420 tips help your dispensary get ready for the much-awaited season! 


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