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Cannabis App Development

Cannabis Dispensary Apps Are The Next Big Thing

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

September 02, 2022


The need and support for cannabis use whether it may be for medical or recreational use is steadily rising in America. Eighteen states together with Washington D.C. and Guam have legalized the plant for those who seek it. In the other parts of the world, there are ten other countries that have legalized the use of cannabis with the Netherlands making it part of their attractions. With developments on the freedom of usage of cannabis, this lucrative industry is looking for more ways how to make their businesses prosper and how growers can cater to their customers ranging from those who can confidently walk into their shops to those who want to make purchases discreetly. 

To keep up with the growing demands and competition among growers, one of the most underrated ways to market your goods is by developing a mobile application for your cannabis dispensary. Listed below are the reasons why you need an app for dispensary.

Reasons Why You Need An App For Your Dispensary


Create an environment where your customer knows you best. With a mobile application tailor-fit to your branding, your customers will feel like they are shopping from your store no matter their location. Personalizing your application also allows prospective customers to get a feel of your brand and to set you apart from other growers. 

In addition to this, you can customize your own application to go beyond the usual offerings of other cannabis dispensary apps to give it a more technologically advanced feel and service to your tool. 


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Faster Way to Build Your Community

There is a lot of support inside the cannabis industry. When a customer finds a grower that ticks all their boxes, they can easily endorse you to their friends. Make your application a hub for easier communication and connection. You can customize it in a way that your customers can easily reach your customer service and can actively engage with other users or patients in a safe space and with a community that understands the needs that your business is bridging.

Easier Access to Your Menu and Stocks

Upgrading to a mobile app can be beneficial both ways. With an application, your customers can have easier access to what you offer. You can include everything they need to know about a certain variety so it lessens their time going back and forth with customer service. Your product listing can also include the number of stocks available so both you and your customer are informed of when stocks will run out and a restock is due. 

In-app Discounts and Benefits

If you have an existing website or social media page, you might be wondering if there really is a need to create a mobile application for your business. You will be asking why there would be a need for your customers to download an app when they can just reach you via a website or social. You can drive traffic to your app by offering exclusive deals and promotions as soon as they hit download.

Aside from the in-app discounts and promos, having a mobile app for dispensaries is beneficial since it allows you to show up on their screens whenever you have new announcements or exciting promotions through push notifications. It saves you time and money on marketing by communicating directly with your app community. With push notifications, customers can even be reminded to restock their products and lead them directly to convert.

Easier Tracking

Not all apps and websites offer the ability to track packages in real-time. This can be a source of stress for some users. Usually, customers are redirected to a third-party website that tracks their parcels from them. This is a problem if your customer is not tech-savvy. Save time and logistics by centralizing your services from order placement to delivery in your app. Instead of having to check their order and delivery status at another website, offer it in your app. This will make them check the app from time to time and can be targeted for new offers and announcements.

Customer Data Privacy

While most states and a handful of countries have legalized the use of cannabis, it is still taboo to most. This makes it hard for customers who are not as confident as those who are ready to walk into your store anytime. Providing them with a safe space like a cannabis dispensary app allows them to freely interact with you and browse what you offer without the feeling of judgement. 

In addition to this, since you will be building your own cannabis dispensary app, it is more likely that your developers would ensure that your security is at a maximum since the cannabis industry highly values its user's privacy and safety just like other industries.

Partnership and Business Opportunities

It is common knowledge that patients who need medical marijuana or cannabis for certain illnesses must first secure a prescription from their doctors. Launching an application catering to this can make it easier for patients to gain access to their medicines and can begin partnerships with medical providers and institutions as their official providers of the said plant. Patients can easily reserve and schedule refills and doctors can endorse your business to their patients while you can also endorse patients to doctors. Win-win right?

With the world slowly opening up to the use of this plant, growers need to keep up with the demands. Making your business process more efficient through the establishment of your own app not only lessens the work from your end but also gives customers better service. 

You might be alright with how your business flows today, but automating it sooner can bring in more benefits and business for you. Build an app for your dispensary today and give cannabis users an efficient, safe, and satisfying environment where they can freely use and purchase the goods. Be a pioneer in your industry and make your business stand out with your own mobile application.


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Cannabis App Development