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Custom Mobile Apps or White-Label Dispensary Apps: Which is the Best Choice for Cannabis Dispensaries?

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

May 01, 2023


The rise of legal cannabis in various jurisdictions across the country has led to a surge in cannabis dispensaries seeking innovative ways to reach their customers. 

Many dispensaries are turning towards developing their own mobile applications to allow their customers to conveniently browse, purchase their products and keep them shopping. However, though it may seem tempting to opt for a white-label mobile application to save on costs and time, this might not be the best solution. Custom-made mobile apps do offer unique advantages that cannot be matched by generic white-label dispensary apps. 

In this blog, we will look at the reasons why cannabis dispensaries going mobile should opt for custom-made mobile applications.


Unique Branding Opportunities

Firstly, custom-made mobile applications offer unique branding opportunities. One of the major cons of white-label dispensary apps is that they all tend to have a one-size-fits-all feel. 

They simply aren't that unique, and while they can offer functionalities, they can't offer a truly authentic brand experience. Custom-made applications, on the other hand, give cannabis dispensaries the flexibility to create an app that matches their brand identity. This branding continuity and consistency across all of their sales platforms can go a long way in building brand recognition, awareness, and reputation.

Moreover, depending on the demographic they're targeting, different cannabis dispensaries can tailor their branding and user experience to match their target audience's preferences. Custom-made apps can thus cater to specific markets and locations. This customization can significantly improve user engagement and help develop brand loyalty in customers.

With Digital Awesome’s DispensaryMate custom app solution, you will have a mobile storefront that captures your brand from top to bottom. The Digital Awesome team will work with you to design the app of your dreams, giving you up to 3 design revamps during the development process. 

Custom User Experience

Custom-made mobile applications offer a better user experience. Contrary to what some people might believe, cannabis dispensaries have different target markets seeking different experiences when visiting their mobile applications. Some are there to explore, some are there to learn about cannabis, and some are there to up their stashes + get rewarded.

With a custom-made application such as Digital Awesome’s DispensaryMate, dispensaries can ensure that their users get the exact experience they desire. Unique functionalities, easy navigation, user-friendly interfaces, and overall optimization can ensure a positive user experience that is all catered to the unique preferences of each dispensary's users.

Our dedicated team of developers will work with yours to curate a mobile shopping experience that is unlike anyone else’s. We will design every facet of your app, from content, retail, achievements, and more so users stay hooked to your mobile app.


White Label Apps Have Limited Integration Capabilities

When it comes to e-commerce and rewards system integrations, white-label dispensary apps definitely have limitations.

Firstly, e-commerce integration can be quite limited. While they offer basic functionalities such as product listing and checkout, they may not offer more advanced features such as multiple payment gateway options or detailed order tracking systems. And typically, white-label apps are offered by e-commerce & rewards providers themselves, locking you in on their service for your app’s lifetime. This leaves no room for flexibility as you scale your business. 

Secondly, rewards system integration can also be limited. Many dispensary owners choose to offer reward programs to their customers to incentivize them to keep coming back. However, white-label apps may not allow for many customization options, such as creating specific reward systems for different customers or loyalty programs that provide more complex point structures based on individual purchaser behaviour and achievements. 

To combat these limitations, Digital Awesome’s custom app solution provides full API integration with any eCommerce or rewards provider of your choice. We will work with your existing providers and further build them out to create a truly unique experience. What’s more is that when you’re no longer happy with your eCommerce & Rewards provider, you can easily switch without hefty update fees or the headache of losing your user data. 


White Label Apps Can’t Foster Emotional Connection 

As mentioned earlier, White-label dispensary apps are designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution, meaning they have a generic design template and functionality that is the same for every dispensary using the app. This approach simply lacks personalization because the app does not reflect the dispensary's unique branding, values, and messaging. Because of this, the brand through the app cannot create an emotional connection with the user, which is essential for building brand loyalty.

White-label apps often come with pre-built features, modules, and templates that cannot be modified. Dispensaries cannot tailor these features to their specific needs, making it difficult to provide an experience that caters to the needs, preferences, and expectations of their customers. 

Lastly, white-label dispensary apps are built to cater to the needs of the larger market. As such, they may not necessarily provide the best experience for a specific user group. In contrast, custom-made apps can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a particular audience, creating a more personalized experience that can increase customer engagement and loyalty for your cannabis business. 

For example, you can push manual & automated targeted push notifications and utilize other smart selling tools that would help your dispensary sell the right offers, at the right time to the right set of customers.


In Conclusion

While white-label applications might seem like an easier choice, they offer very little value to a brand in terms of branding, user experience or developing the best customer loyalty. Hence, custom-made mobile applications can be the better option for cannabis dispensaries. Not only does it give dispensaries more flexibility and freedom, but it also creates an engaging user experience that can translate to better sales and help build long-term customer loyalty. 

So if your dispensary is looking to go mobile, investing in a custom-made application is a worthwhile investment in your brand, your beloved customers, and the future of cannabis. 

Not sure where to start? DispensaryMate by Digital Awesome is here. 

With a low-start-up investment and app maintenance starting at $470 per month, you can get a fully-custom mobile app for your dispensary. The app comes with a host of shopping, rewards and referral marketing features, plus, round-the-clock maintenance to keep your mobile app hardworking, smooth and compliant. 

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