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Cannabis App Development

Essential Features of a Successful Cannabis Dispensary App

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

October 10, 2022


Kenneth Lewis, CEO of OneGold & APMEX, said in his Forbes article that with the launch of their company’s mobile app, “We have seen increases across all our platforms in registrations (up 1,064%), new customers (up 794%), sales revenue (up 938%) and orders (up 960%) — you name it. These numbers are trending upward, and we expect to see a continuation of growth.” With the ever-changing online landscape, businesses are seeking out new ways to edge out industry competitors and today, one of the fintech industry leaders shared his secret which was launching a mobile app for their business.

One of the industries which have the biggest potential to grow is the cannabis industry. Currently, nearly half of American adults have tried marijuana. Gallup has recorded the highest cannabis use since 1971 from 4%, it boomed to 49% in 2021.


With the United States opening up to the use of cannabis whether for recreation or for medicinal use, there is certainly an opportunity to scale up your business and explore how a mobile application can help your cannabis dispensary business just like it helped Kenneth Lewis’.

Cannabis users are often seen in a bad light. They are usually labeled as “lazy stoners” but with the help of research, a study has proven that people seek cannabis for various purposes and not just to have a good time. For younger adults, cannabis has helped alleviate mental stress. Some users report having consumed the plant to help them prepare better for an exam. A big slice of the young adult population has reported using marijuana to help ease anxiety and depression. Indeed, the purpose of cannabis use has shifted since the early days and it is even sometimes recommended by doctors to use the plant for patients who experience seizures.

The reasons for seeking out cannabis have changed over time. Advocates have fought to legalize the trade and use of the plant and growers have also doubled across states. If you are a cannabis dispensary owner, you very much know that this lucrative business is going to boom, not just in the United States normalizing the use but also in countries abroad. In line with this, we are here to help you achieve success like Kenneth Lewis with the development of your own app.

Mobile apps, unlike websites, are more independent in nature. Websites rely on programming languages to run and do their job while mobile apps can run without all that jazz. Because of this, mobile apps tend to be more flexible and customizable depending on your branding and services. We are sure that you might have come across articles that tell you the essential parts of a mobile app should you decide to launch one for your business; but here, we will be highlighting three features of a successful cannabis dispensary app.

Essential Features of a Successful Cannabis Dispensary App

In the cannabis dispensary business, the most essential app features are security, customer service, and usability. The cannabis industry is currently worth $42.7 billion; with the world slowly opening up to plant use because of its benefits, it is expected that this number will only go up from here. But the reason why a customer would prefer your business over others is that your app can offer tight security, reliable customer service, and usability.


Across businesses, a customer’s data is sacred. Laws are in place to ensure that offenders are rightly punished should data leaks happen. In the cannabis industry, security sells. While there is a fight to fully accept the trade and use of the plant, there is still a stigma on those who seek its benefits whether they need it for medicinal purposes or simply for leisure. When your app offers top-tier security, customers would have the peace of mind that not just your business is trustworthy but you as an owner, value their privacy. 

With a tight security guarantee with your app, you are preventing data leaks and even hackers trying to access your customers’ data should one think there is something incriminating in them. With the wide use of cannabis as a medicinal plant, patients also need to be reassured just like in hospitals about the confidentiality of their business. So if you are a business owner planning to launch your own app, make sure your developers can create a fool-proof security system that would give you and your patrons peace of mind.

Reliable Customer Service

After citing the growth of cannabis users in the early part of this article, many “new” users are looking for businesses that can help them get educated on the plant. Reliable customer service is not just limited to product returns and dealing with order updates. It also touches on how much a customer or prospect relies on you to help them navigate their way in incorporating cannabis into their lifestyle and how you, as a business owner, can help them use the plant more responsibly. 

When one can easily access you and their gratified needs, you are also building a better relationship with your brand community.


Of course, the most basic of them all is how easy it is to navigate and use your app. With millions of mobile applications in the App and Play Store, it is no secret that not all apps available in the market are easy to use. With a cannabis dispensary business, you want to make sure that your customers’ needs are easily accessible in just one tap or swipe. If they need to know more about a certain variant or product, they can easily access the information on a single page without having to jump through hoops. 

Despite the growing number of young cannabis users, you should also provide an easy-to-navigate space for those who are also new to the digital landscape. When your app is easy to use and caters well to the needs of your customers, this can easily return the investment you made in the upscaling of your business.


While these three features seem to be basic, executing them is not. You need to have a team of experts who are also reliable and can get the job done. Your customers come back to your business not just because of the product. One of the main drivers of repurchasing aside from quality products is the ability of a business to provide good service to its patrons. While the cannabis dispensary industry is thriving in face-to-face interactions, you will be casting a wider net for your business and you are making opportunities for your business to grow online –  where most people are present nowadays.


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Cannabis App Development