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Expand Your Consumer Base with Canna-Friendly Channels

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

February 20, 2023


If you want to increase your customer base and improve your relationships with current customers, embracing the power of canna-friendly social networks and forum channels is a great endeavor. With more people turning to cannabis for medical or recreational use, it only makes sense that businesses involved in the cannabis industry should also be present in canna-friendly networks.

We’re not talking about Facebook, Instagram or Twitter here. We’re talking about niche channels where people can connect and celebrate everything about the CBD industry.

What are Canna-friendly Social Networks?

Cannabis business social networks are quickly becoming a popular tool for cannabis-related businesses, consumers and professionals who need a safe space to connect with each other and share relevant stories or content. 

Since cannabis is still not recognized under federal law, it can be difficult for those in the industry to use mainstream social media platforms without fear of censorship or legal repercussions – cannabis social networks provide a safe haven in this regard.

Cannabis business social networks are great resources for increasing brand awareness, as they allow companies to post content or start conversations related to their area of expertise without having to worry about navigating the often strict guidelines set by major social media sites.

They also offer an amazing platform for networking – businesses can join specialized groups focused on various topics such as product development, marketing strategies, regulatory changes etc., providing members with valuable insights from experienced professionals within their field. 

What’s more, these communities also provide companies with insightful feedback about existing products or services since people can speak openly about what they like or dislike about certain offerings.

Ultimately, the benefits associated with cannabis business social networks are tremendous. By utilizing these online communities effectively businesses can increase their reach while simultaneously building meaningful relationships with current customers and potential ones at the same time. 


5 Cannabis Business Social Networking Channels You Should Be Part Of


MJlink is the world's leading cannabis business social network, connecting thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses and investors from around the world. MJlink provides a platform for users to connect, share and learn with other cannabis professionals in an easy-to-use interface.

The platform offers four unique networks tailored to different types of users: B2B (business-to-business), C2C (consumer-to-consumer), B2C (business-to-consumer) and Investors. Each network serves a different purpose, allowing users to find the right connections for their needs.

For example, the B2B network allows businesses to connect with each other and collaborate on projects, while the C2C network helps consumers find products they are interested in. The B2C network helps businesses promote their products and services to consumers, while the Investor network allows investors to discover new investment opportunities.

In addition to these networks, MJlink also hosts its own Virtual and Physical Trade Show which brings together regional businesses and brands from across the globe. This event gives companies an opportunity to increase awareness of their products and services while networking with potential customers or partners. Finally, MJlink also has its own app available on Apple's App Store which makes it even easier for users to stay connected with their peers in the cannabis industry.

Hemp Talk

HempTalk is an online community and social media platform dedicated to cannabis education, news, research and innovation. It allows users to connect with each other in order to discuss various topics related to cannabis and hemp - from home grows to legal reforms to industry trends.

One of the most unique features of HempTalk is its video streaming capability, which enables members to share live video broadcasts with other users on the platform. This allows members to hold real-time discussions and debates on specific topics or issues that are relevant in the industry. In addition, there are also interactive “chatbots” that can provide answers to frequently asked questions about cannabis cultivation and regulations.

Another great feature of HempTalk is its exclusive content library, which contains articles written by leading experts in the field as well as comprehensive guides on everything from cannabis strain comparisons to growing tips. The platform also hosts regular webinars on various topics that can help educate industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Finally, HempTalk also provides a range of tools for businesses including advertising options, market intelligence insights and even custom training modules - perfect for entrepreneurs looking to launch their own brands or services within the cannabis sector.

HempTalk is a great resource for those who want to stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the world of cannabis and hemp while connecting with like-minded individuals.



Weedable is an innovative cannabis social network and marketplace that connects marijuana patients, dispensaries, doctors, and brands. It provides a unique platform for users to engage in meaningful dialogue about cannabis and its legalization across the globe.

The Weedable platform offers a variety of features that make it stand out from other cannabis-related websites. For starters, users can join the Weedable community to access exclusive content such as news updates, product reviews, and educational resources. Additionally, Weedable has a store where users can purchase products related to cannabis. Finally, Weedable also has a Pinterest page where users can share images and videos related to marijuana culture.



Duby is a cannabis social network that provides a unique and inherently private experience for users in legal and near-legal areas. Duby offers a variety of features that make it stand out from other social networks.

One of the most notable features of Duby is its anonymity. Unlike other social networks, Duby does not require users to provide their real names or any other personal information in order to join. This allows users to remain anonymous while still enjoying the benefits of a social network.

Another unique feature of Duby is its focus on cannabis-related content. The platform allows users to post, comment, and share content related to cannabis without fear of censorship or judgement. This makes it an ideal platform for those looking to discuss topics related to cannabis in a safe and secure environment.

Laslty, Duby also offers a variety of gaming features that allow users to interact with one another in fun and engaging ways. These games are designed specifically for the cannabis community, allowing users to connect with each other while playing games such as trivia and bingo.


Leafwire is an online networking platform that connects entrepreneurs, investors, and partners within the legal cannabis industry. With its innovative features, Leafwire stands out from other social networks in a variety of ways.

One of the most unique features of Leafwire is its real-time discovery capabilities. The platform uses advanced algorithms to match users with relevant business opportunities in their respective industries. This helps ensure that users only receive content that is relevant to them, making it easier for them to connect with potential business opportunities.

Another great feature of Leafwire is its ability to facilitate private conversations between members. Users can send messages directly to each other without having to worry about their content being shared publicly. This allows users to exchange ideas and information in a secure environment and ensures that private conversations remain just that – private.


But how do you tap emerging consumer markets? 

For those looking to tap into new potential consumers or feed curious minds, cannabis forums are a great place to start. By joining one of these online communities, you can get valuable insights into what people are looking for when it comes to cannabis products and services. This can help you develop better marketing strategies that target your desired demographic more effectively.

Here are the forums you can join and explore:


With the ever-growing popularity of cannabis, it's no surprise that there are many subreddits dedicated to the topic. From discussing the latest legislation to sharing personal experiences and tips on cultivation, these subreddits provide a great platform for cannabis enthusiasts to connect and share their knowledge.

The subreddit r/Trees is one of the most popular cannabis communities on Reddit, with over 853K members. It is a great place to find out about the latest news in the industry as well as ask questions and get advice from experienced users.

Another popular subreddit is r/Marijuana, which focuses more on education and information than discussion. Here you can learn about different strains, growing techniques, and other topics related to cannabis use.

For those interested in extraction methods such as hash or oil, r/CannabisExtracts is an excellent resource. This subreddit provides detailed guides on how to extract various compounds from cannabis plants as well as discussions about different types of extracts available on the market.

Finally, if you're looking for a more general discussion about all things marijuana, then r/Weed is the place for you. This subreddit covers everything from politics to cooking with cannabis and has over 1.8K members online at any given time.

No matter what your interest in cannabis may be, there's sure to be a subreddit that fits your needs.


THC Talk

Cannabis businesses looking for a platform to discuss their products and services should look no further than THC Talk cannabis forums. THC Talk is an online forum dedicated to discussing all things related to cannabis, from growing tips to product reviews. The forum features a wide variety of topics, ranging from indoor growing techniques to the latest news in the industry.

The forum also provides a great opportunity for businesses to connect with other cannabis enthusiasts. Businesses can post questions and receive answers from experienced growers, as well as share their own experiences and advice. This is a great way for businesses to gain insight into the industry and learn more about what customers are looking for when it comes to cannabis products and services.

THC Talk also offers businesses the chance to advertise their products and services through sponsored posts or banner ads. This is a good way for businesses to reach out to potential customers who may not be aware of their offerings otherwise. Additionally, businesses can use the forum as a platform to talk about their products or services more in detail to build trust with potential customers.


Overall, cannabis-friendly social networks and niche forums are an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about the plant or becoming involved in the industry – including businesses like you who’d like to amp up their influence and expand their consumer base. All the best!

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