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Finding The Best App Developer For You

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

August 12, 2022


Say you’ve got a business idea, a mind-blowing solution to an everyday problem, or the burning desire to create an engaging and monetizable platform to help scale your business. The first thing you’ll do after solidifying your concept is to look for a dependable technology partner who can effectively translate your vision into a digital product that people would actually want to use.

Searching for the right people for the job shouldn’t stop with a simple Google search result. Because beyond keyword algorithms and paid advertisements, there are a host of considerations business owners should mind when finding THE one. We mean, the best mobile app development team for your business.

Just like dating, there are many fishes in the sea and bigger doesn’t always mean better. While massive agencies are known for their track record, boutique agencies can deliver equally-exceptional products all at a better value. In this blog, we’ve listed five criteria you should consider when choosing the best mobile app development team for you.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Mobile App Developer:



Dig deeper and shop around credible portfolio sites that can recommend top agencies to consider. Sites like The Manifest, Clutch and Visual Objects can give you a cheat sheet of the top-performing agencies in a particular niche. They feature industry ratings, testimonials from actual clients, their past projects, average costs and processes. All of these are all crucial when shortlisting your options. 

(Allow us to toot our own horn for a minute here, but Digital Awesome just ranked 3rd place in the best development company category of Visual Objects’ recent round-up. So if this is the route you’re taking,  you might want to add our awesome experts to your list!)

Word-of-mouth recommendations can be great prospects too because nothing beats first-hand experiences from people you know and trust. 

First Impressions

So you’ve decided to give a prospective agency a shot and have agreed to meet with them over a Zoom call. 

The best mobile app development team for you will make you feel at ease and comfortable during the discovery call. Observe how the conversation goes and how the company takes interest in your vision. Are they asking you deep and interesting questions? Are they familiar with your niche? Do they have any experience developing platforms for services like yours? The way they build their case will give you a  sense of their capabilities and level of professionalism from the get-go.

If their questions lack the depth and complexity your project requires, or they’re steering you in the direction of contract signing and down payments within the first 10 minutes, then run! After all, no one likes a partner who just likes you for the money. 

Their Overall Approach

The quality of processes can make or break even the simplest projects.  Assessing their approach to project development can help you determine the level of transparency they’ll provide, and how involved you will be when you decide to take them on. Ask about the project management tools they use, methodologies, modes of communication, and how they keep their clients in the loop at every stage. This way, you can narrow your list down based on efficiency and level of customer focus.


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Trust & Loyalty

Trust and loyalty is not given but earned. Though it’s too early to tell whether your working relationship will work out, it’s vital that businesses project the likelihood of a successful collaboration. 

Do they just create one-off products? Or do they still maintain all their client’s platforms to this very day? Asking about these things can give you a glimpse of their retention rates. Retention rates exhibit trust and reliability, so this should be taken into great consideration during the earlier stages.

Great developers have the ability to stay loyal to a brand regardless of your business status. They respect resources and commit to providing the best value for your budget. So watch out for their reaction when you start informing them of your budget, may it be big or small. They also have the balls to suggest the best possible solution to approach the project even if they go against your recommendations. This is not the agency being “difficult”, but rather a genuine way of showing loyalty and concern for the overall success of the project and your business.

Comprehensiveness of Services

Don’t you just love it when your partner has it all? 

The same goes when working with a tech development agency. Assess if the agency can provide all that you need for the long term. Initial design and development, updates, and all sorts of maintenance to name a few. If they have to refer you to someone else on some aspects then, consider looking for a full-scale company that can cater to your every app development need. 


There are other criteria to consider but we’re keeping this list short and sweet. Rest assured that these five considerations can filter out the bad apples from the bunch, and help you decide on the best mobile app development company for you even from the first meeting. 

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