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Cannabis App Development

How Much Do Cannabis Dispensary Mobile Apps Cost?

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

November 21, 2022


A fully custom mobile app can cost around $100,000 to $120,000  for the initial development. On top of that, businesses should also allocate another 40K for maintenance work throughout an app’s lifetime to keep it compliant and competitive. This could be a big ask for most enterprises – especially in the cannabis space. That's why… 

To reduce dispensary mobile app cost for business owners, white-label apps started to surface. White-label apps are semi-custom apps that are built to carry out a specific set of features. May it be to create a webview of your online store or keep loyalty points in one place. White-label apps are more cost-effective than traditional custom app development that’s why they took the industry by storm years back. But here’s the thing. Fully custom apps and white labels have distinct sets of benefits and disadvantages. Primarily in terms of the level of customization, flexibility and overall cost.  Both models enable you to bring your business to the palm of the customer’s hands but from a business perspective, each of these development models seems to be on opposite ends of the spectrum.

One is cost-efficient but offers a lean set of features to carry out the basics of mcommerce with limited capabilities. And another that has the ability to design an app that fully supports your business model and engages customers well, but at a way steeper cost. For many years, there hasn’t been any middle ground where business owners can get the flexibility and comprehensiveness of a full custom app without hefty investments.

But what if we tell you that Digital Awesome just made that possible? 

Well, we come bearing good news for dispensary owners who are eyeing to take their business to mobile. Our team of experts have developed a subscription-based app for dispensaries

The Problem

Before we go into detail about our revolutionary app product, let’s determine the key motivators of this innovation.  Digital Awesome talked to a lot of cannabis business owners. One of the major issues they’re currently facing is that they seem to be outgrowing their current channels and e-com partnerships. 

There are three factors that are contributing to this. 

  • The modern consumer’s shopping behavior has changed over the past years and now requires a different approach to keep them engaged. 
  • Tech platforms can’t provide dispensaries with the full suite of innovative features they need to effectively attract, retain and scale their customer base. 
  • Business owners feel trapped in their current partnerships. They can't freely integrate from one system to another without the risk of losing data or starting over again.   


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The Awesome Solution

We love the cannabis industry as much as you do. So we vowed to make things easy for business owners like you. By combining affordability and flexibility, Digital Awesome now offers a fully custom app that does it all, offered at a very unique price scheme. 

Features Overview

From e-commerce, marketing and rewards, we integrate with leading service providers and build up our own features to create a sales-generating powerhouse in the form of a handy mobile application. Here’s what you get when you sign up with us:

  • Completely Custom Mobile App Design

Unlike white-label apps, we won’t be using just any template to create UI/UX designs. We deliver fully-branded apps that are polished and unique from everybody else. 

  • True Software Integrations

With our API capabilities, we will directly work with your existing or chosen e-commerce, POS and rewards platform providers. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose the best service provider in every aspect of your online business. You don’t have to worry about rebuilding the app or losing any of your data in the process.

With our integration and app development expertise, we can customize every detail of the user experience and create the following features for you:

  • Customized shopping experience designed to increase sales 

No more web views. No more having the exact same shopping experience as everyone else. A completely customized shopping experience designed to engage users and increase conversions. 

  • Custom achievements

Create custom achievements and rewards that keep users engaged and coming back. Integrate your rewards platform with achievements for even greater advancement.

  • Advanced search and custom filters 

Users can search multiple stores. Create custom filters for your inventory.

  • Custom Push Notifications & Alerts 

Send notifications for promotions and sales to reach your customers. Create automated notifications to keep you at the top of your customers minds. 

  • Content Pull 

Provide users with blog posts and content in the app. Use your existing content management system and the system pulls your content directly into the app. Send users  push notifications when new content is released.

  • Live In-app Chat

Connect budtenders with customers with a live in-app chat. Reduce phone calls and in-store questions. Help answer customers’ questions faster than your competitors.

  • Analytics and tracking

Track everything. See what your customers are engaging with and shopping for. Have an x-ray vision of your customer’s shopping habits. 

  • Intuitive Upsells

Provide customers with customized upsells and cross-sells to maximize order totals. 

  • Intelligent Recommendations

Recommend products based on your customers’ likes, dislikes and shopping habits.

  • Feedback Loop

Get feedback on customer experiences. Get feedback on products. Create customer surveys and actually respond to feedback.

  • Promotional Highlights

Promote specials with notifications, in-app banners and customized categories. Customers will never have to search for your specials ever again.

These are just some of the many features that we can build for your custom app using our proprietary systems. We will work with your brand to determine the best set of features and functionality in order to support your specific business goals. After all, in retail, nothing is one size fits all. 

Cost of Developing a Custom Cannabis App

Specifically geared towards early adopters, we are cutting mobile app development costs by up to 80% for a limited time only. 


We’re currently working with a handful of brands so we could dedicate our resources to helping these brands grow. If you want to be part of our growing portfolio of early adopters, do not hesitate to reach out.

You might be wondering how we are able to offer such an irresistible offer. Well, we designed it with your dispensary business’ best interest in mind. Our in-house team are pulling all the stops to help this amazing industry grow and take advantage of the privilege of cannabis legalization in the country. Be a trailblazer and develop your own dispensary app with Digital Awesome today. For more information, contact us at or drop us a message here.


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