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Is Your Cannabis Mobile App Truly Native?

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

February 08, 2024


In the cannabis industry, there's confusion about what a "native mobile app" really means.

Many apps in the market allow you to create a profile and track points, but when it comes to buying cannabis, they often just send you to a mobile website, inside or outside the app. This isn't what a true native app should do, and it doesn't help dispensaries sell as much as they could.


So what's a True Native Mobile App?

Native mobile apps are made specifically for one platform (like iOS or Android) using platform-accepted programming languages. They're directly connected to the software on your device, including the software you use to carry out your business such as e-commerce, POS and loyalty software. This makes the experience smoother and more intuitive.

For example, a true native shopping app like Cinder's would let users browse products, add them to a cart, and checkout, all within the app itself. The shopping and loyalty functions are a core part of the app, making for a frictionless experience just like how you would order coffee and interact with an app like Starbucks' or Walmart's.

Types of Cannabis Apps Available

Lots of dispensaries have wallet apps for managing rewards, often with links to their websites. There are also webview apps that show web pages in the app. But these apps don't make buying things easy, which is a letdown for users.

Benefits of True Native Mobile Apps

Speed and Performance: Real native cannabis apps work faster and respond better because they're directly linked to your device's system. All functions are hardwired into your app ensuring each functionality perform at its best.

User Experience: They're smoother and more customized for your dispensary, unlike webview apps that just show a website or apps that send you to a mobile browser. Native mobile apps can be directly integrated with your e-com, POS and rewards providers making every transaction a breeze.

Features and Options: Real native apps can use all your device's features, like push notifications, camera, and GPS, making them more useful.

Get a Better App for Your Cannabis Business

Digital Awesome builds custom native mobile apps for dispensaries, combining shopping, rewards, and marketing to elevate your competitive edge. Serving over 60 locations for leading dispensaries in the US and Canada, the custom app is designed to convert casual shoppers into avid regulars.

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