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Marketing The New Cloud 9

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

March 27, 2023


We all get it. Cannabis is here to stay. The cannabis industry, valued at $20.5 billion, has been snowballing with far-out revenue projections in years to come, primarily based on marijuana legalization in many states and countries. With roads of opportunity revealing themselves left and right, it is truly a time when fortune favors the bold and the imaginative. 

After all, basic human needs will always breed innovation. Hence, the inspired art of marketing. Budding growth is expected from one of the heavy hitters of the cannabis retail industry, cannabis vapes

According to a Grand View Research report, the US cannabis vape market size was valued at $1.3 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.6% from 2021 to 2028. On top of the increasing legalization, the growing popularity of vaping among millennials is among the key factors driving the market's uptick. Talk about puffing up a new cloud of possibilities. 

If you would like to get on this, below are the top 10 marketing angles that you can spin around for your business needs:

More Savings 


One of the best things about vaping is how well it works as a way to get drugs into the body. Vaping lets users heat their herbs only when they want to. When a user lights a pipe or joint, the cannabinoids are burned away whether you smoke them or not. By vaping weed, it's easy to see how much money you'll save. 

With fewer wasted cannabinoids in each hit a typical stash will last longer. Promoting its cost efficiency can help penny–pinchers consider buying this crowd-favorite.


DIY Snacks

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Using a vape to smoke weed is not only more efficient, but it also helps in another way. Buds that are vaped at lower temperatures still have a lot of cannabinoids in them.  This already-vaped bud or AVB is perfect for making edibles at home. Users can turn it into cannabutter to use in other baked recipes or can be eaten directly in a firecracker edible or another simple snack. 




Vapes, in general, have always been a go-to for smokers because of their discretion. More so for cannabis users who want to take a drag without drawing attention to themselves in a public place. 

Vaping generates a much less visible odor, and what it does produce fades rapidly and does not cling to your hair or clothes. No smoking or ash leaving you smelling clean and fresh. There's also no need for pockets full of lighters and other accoutrements, giving you fewer things to worry about forgetting. Oil-based vape pens are small and easy to conceal. One of the best advantages of vaporizing your herbs is the ability to take your marijuana with you wherever you go.



Another factor heavily considered by vape converts is the convenience of vapes in general. Take it wherever and smoke whenever (without the usual smoking equipment or paraphernalia). Users could even roll over in bed after waking up and instantly puff one out. It's quick, easy, and provides no mess or additional forethought. 

A great example is PAX's "Find your Moment" campaign. PAX is a cannabis vape company that offers a sleek and discreet product line. Their "Find your Moment" campaign appealed to busy professionals who want to incorporate cannabis into their daily routines. The campaign used lifestyle visuals and emphasized the convenience of their product. 


Variety of Flavors and Strains 

One of the most significant advantages of cannabis vapes is the many options available for flavors and strains; from fruit and sweet to earthy and spicy, a flavor suits every taste. You can also offer different vapes highly customized to the user based on the effects, benefits, and taste they are after. 

Tailormade Experiences 


In relation to the variety that cannabis vapes can offer, you can market how highly customizable the experience of putting together your weed vape can be. Your customers can get precise with the temperature, dosage, strain, and taste adjustments that will meet their needs. 


Eco-friendliness and Social Responsibility

Let's not disregard the market segment geared towards a particular lifestyle: those concerned with the environmental impact of the products they use or consume. Cannabis vapes are no different! 


Unlike traditional smoking methods, which produce smoke and ash, cannabis pens use cartridges that can easily be disposed of or recycled. You can also feature your company's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, such as supporting local businesses to make a positive impact, using organic or locally sourced ingredients, supporting social justice initiatives, or donating a portion of your profits to a charity relevant to the industry. 


Quality and Purity 

A good product-based feature with a unique quality and purity selling point will always be an oldie but a goodie. As popularity grows with the general industry of cannabis vapes, so are options that are low in quality and even counterfeit. A commitment to quality and purity is always a sure way to differentiate yourself and create a following of customers looking for a safe and effective option, including communicating the use of high-quality ingredients, testing for purity and potency, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. 


Education and Information

For most customers, cannabis vapes may be a new and unfamiliar product. By providing additional information on how the product may be used instead of more traditional smoking or ingested methods, you can help your future customers understand the benefits (and risks) of consuming cannabis. This may be presented in product descriptions, dosage recommendations, and information on potential (hopefully wanted) side effects.



Value and Affordability

While quality and purity are essential for many customers, price is also a heavy consideration. By highlighting the importance and affordability of your cannabis vape products, you may attract customers looking for a high-quality option without breaking the bank. An excellent execution of this concept would be to offer first-time discounts, promotions, or bundling options with other products in your store. 


Customer Experience 

Word of mouth and reputation is one of the best marketing tools you can ask for and is excellent for any business. How do you build this? Customer service. 

How does the customer feel after leaving your store after purchasing? How easy is it for them to buy a cannabis vape pen? Are you readily available online or through on-demand delivery services? Leveraging praises from previous customers' experiences is a tremendous positive angle on your cannabis vape products. A glowing testimonial or 5-star reviews from past customers is a hook for new ones to be curious enough to try something new. 

Why not take it a step further and collaborate with influencers that resonate with your brand's values? Stiiiizy's "Stiiizy Weekend" was designed to appeal to a younger crowd looking for a fun and social experience. The campaign included events and promotions at popular music festivals and other events. It will be a fun collaboration if this is up your alley. 


Or if you’re feeling techy, launch your very own dispensary shopping & rewards app where customers can easily order their vapes (and other goodies), earn and connect with your brand and the cannabis community without leaving their comfy couches. That’s a campaign that’s sure to turn heads — users and your competition alike!

Marketing is all about bridging what you know about your product to what you see your customers need. 

See you on the next cloud 9!

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