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Mobile Consumer Insights for Business Owners in 2024

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

January 24, 2024


Our everyday lives are more intertwined with our phones than ever before, prompting companies to continuously evolve in response. The broader economy is also embracing this trend, largely due to the surge in mobile app use.

A recent report from, "State of Mobile 2024," provides further insight into this phenomenon. Here are five key takeaways from the report to inspire and maximize your cannabis retail strategy for 2024.


1. Americans spend an average of 4.34 Hours per day on their mobile phones

On average, Americans dedicate roughly 4.34 hours each day to using their mobile phones, over half of a typical work day. This extensive use is largely driven by activities such as streaming, shopping, gaming, and social media consumption.

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In a global comparison of mobile markets, the United States holds the second position. In 2023 alone, consumer spending on mobile services and products in the U.S. approached a massive $45 billion.

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2.  E-commerce Shopping & Retail Store Apps Trump Food & Drink Mobile App Downloads

For retailers, an interesting trend emerged; e-commerce and retail apps surpassed the vast food and beverage industry in app downloads. This indicates a growing consumer comfort level with purchasing essential goods and services via optimized mobile platforms.

3.  ChatBots in Mobile Apps are on the rise thanks to AI 

The mobile app industry experienced a significant upswing in interest related to AI. Thousands of apps with AI functionalities made their entrance on platforms like the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Over 4,000 of these apps included "chatbot" in their descriptions, while more than 3,500 referenced "gpt".

The previous year served as a high point for AI-related app launches. For example, about 2,500 apps that launched in 2023 had "chatbot" in their description - a number nearly twice the total of similar apps launched over the preceding four years combined.

Indeed, AI’s ability to enhance speed, functionality, and the overall user experience continues to persist, bringing joy to both consumers and businesses.

4. Physical Stores Combine Mobile Shopping for Competitive Edge

Brick & mortar stores are using the comeback of face-to-face shopping to increase their mobile presence. Apps for Supermarkets & Convenience Stores and Retailer Stores have seen a 9% and 7% growth in downloads year-over-year.


With this trend, traditional physical retailers are realizing that if they don't incorporate mobile shopping into their retail strategies this 2024, they could fall behind.



5. Mobile Apps Provide a Valuable Way to Boost Customer Loyalty

Similar to retail, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) apps in the food and drink category have found that improving customer experience and implementing rewards programs through the app are beneficial in maintaining customer loyalty. 

Leading brands such as McDonald's and Starbucks regularly feature in the top 5 for most downloads and monthly average users in the United States signaling a strong focus on customer acquisition and retention via apps. 

As of mid-2023, McDonald's has overtaken Starbucks with an impressive 30 million monthly average users. This proves that with a strong focus on ease, accessibility and robust loyalty programs, retail brands can still win big in this economy.


In conclusion, these insights highlight the significant role apps play in increasing revenue, improving customer experience and retaining customers for top brands. This is something cannabis retailers, who are aiming to target similar customers, may consider adopting to bolster retail performance.

So if you wish to add a solid mobile strategy to your 2024 marketing plan, book a one-on-one session with Digital Awesome.

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