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Retaining Customers Beyond Promotions

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

February 29, 2024


Promotions aren't the only way to enhance customer loyalty. Many consumers value their experiences with brands and the benefits they get from your products. 

So, how can cannabis dispensaries foster customer relationships without constantly offering discounts and driving profits into the ground? 


Here are some strategies to try:

1. Introduce Microinteractions

These are small animations that make routine tasks feel special. For example, if you have a retail app, awarding badges for achieving specific goals can make customers feel accomplished and engaged.

micro interactions.gif


2. Reflect Brand Culture Through Staff

Your staff is the face of your brand. Ensuring they provide excellent customer service in a way that captures your brand's core values, can significantly improve customer retention. Remember, 65% of customers don’t return after experiencing poor customer service. 



3. Retain High-Performing Budtenders

Your people are your most valuable business asset. Invest in their growth, wellness, and motivation to cater to your regulars. Budtenders hold significant sway over purchase decisions and cultivate valuable relationships with customers. Once such relationships are formed, customers often follow their trusted budtenders due to faith in their expertise and personal connections. Treat them with respect, provide a long-term vision within the company.



4. Foster a Sense of Community

People inherently seek a sense of belonging. So just like Nike's strategy, create an ecosystem where customers can enjoy exclusive benefits and engage in activities that cater to their interests. 

Nike's membership program offers exclusive benefits like sales, free returns, and access to specialized apps - the Nike shopping app, Nike Run Club for runners, Nike Training app for fitness enthusiasts, and SNKRS app for sneakerheads. All these cater to their specific interests, nurtured by the brand through events, free app services, special deals, guides, and other resources that support their Nike lifestyle.


Cannabis brands can replicate this strategy by driving in-store traffic and social media followers to their own mobile community. Through a custom mobile app, dispensaries can keep members engaged in one place, offering a blend of shopping, education, loyalty, and engaging experiences right from their phones.



5. Brand for a Cause

Supporting a cause not only generates good PR but also strengthens the bond between your brand and customers, inspiring loyalty.

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To sum it up, while promotions can attract customers, focusing on value, improved customer experience, and community-building ensures not only their return but also their continued support throughout your dispensary's growth.

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