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SOS! How Do I Make My Dispensary Stand Out?

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

February 16, 2024


As of the start of the year, 12,156 marijuana dispensaries are vying for customers' attention. That's not even counting the shadowy competitors from the black market who are nibbling at your potential market share. 

So, how can your dispensary stand out and attract a loyal customer base? What will make your target market sit up and take notice?

Here are five strategies to make your dispensary marketing pop:

1. Elevate Your Branding

Branding (2).png

Branding goes beyond a slick logo or stylish store layout. It's about embodying your core values and what distinguishes you. Clearly define what your brand stands for, the causes you champion, and your competitive edge, consistently sharing these narratives and concepts with your customers.

Ensure that your brand visually and narratively reflects across all aspects of your marijuana business, from your staff and service, product offers, charity programs, to your online presence, to provide customers with a fully branded experience that they'd always remember.

2. Be Newbie Friendly

Many folks are curious about cannabis but may feel daunted by their lack of knowledge. 

Make your store and online sales channels beginner-friendly with clear visual guides, easy-to-understand categories based on desired effects, and educational content. 


In-store, train your Budtenders to be welcoming and knowledgeable, able to offer amazing service. Digitally, consider using technologies like a dispensary mobile app with product suggestions, chat features for pre-visit consultations, and educational blog pages. The goal is to empower customers (of all levels) to make informed decisions, and allow them to do so in the most comfortable way possible.

3. Dare to Be Different

Stand out from the crowd by offering a one-stop-shop mobile app. Customers should be able to shop, track points, redeem rewards, review products, and enjoy a smooth user experience all in one place. 

Branding (4).png

A custom app with fully branded design, integration with your existing cannabis e-commerce and rewards platforms, and marketing and analytics dashboard can all help to elevate your dispensary. For more information, book a demo with Digital Awesome.

4. Hook Your Customers with Dopamine-Boosting Loyalty Programs

Make shopping at your dispensary fun and satisfying. Reward customers for meeting minimum spend requirements and give achievement badges for referrals or product reviews. 

Branding (3).png

Engage them with fun goals and exciting rewards like app badges, merchandise, points, or a digital punch card. This not only eliminates tracking hassles for your Budtenders but also makes it easy to redeem rewards more conveniently.

5. Stay Authentic and Value-Driven

While increasing customer spending is the ultimate goal of any business, remember that your customers are people just like you who crave connection, belonging, and satisfaction. Be a brand that genuinely cares about its community. Enhance your loyalty program, host community events, and provide heartfelt and comfortable service for unbeatable value.

Branding (5).png

When you create a store experience that fosters connection and continuously adds value to your customers' lives, you'll always be top of mind.

In a nutshell, there are countless ways to make your dispensary stand out, but focusing on fostering quality interactions with your community can truly make a difference.

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